My big day out


Since this all begin – about three months ago (three? Really? Is that all?), I haven’t left the house. Well, yes, early in March I had periodontal surgery. Then the stitches removed a couple of weeks later. Oh – we had our taxes done. And let’s see… a couple of grocery trips before the stay at home order and then… nothing until the end of May. (Dave had volunteered to do our grocery trips, (for my Mom as well), and is still doing all errands.) Most of the time I putted around the house – occasionally napping with our sweet dog. At the end of May we went for a cup of coffee at our favorite local shop. And that was it – until today.

My big day out started with a periodontal cleaning. Okay, not the trip to make anyone’s top 20, (or more. Adjust as needed), however, it was necessary. And I decided it was also necessary to treat myself afterwards. After a good report from the hygienist, I drove off to our historic downtown area. A mocha under the trees on a park bench and then a stroll along the shopping area. A couple of stores were closed but I found a nice card and stuff shop. A wad of cards and steamed up glasses from my mask later I headed for home. (After stopping for a second mocha for Dave.). All in all a very pleasant outing. Just what I needed.